For  those of us who have served, the Force will be with us....always.


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Tribute to Medal of Valor Recipients

Citations of Valor are presented to Officers who have demonstrated unusual courage 

involving a high degree of personal risk in the face of great danger.


   1960- Officer Frank E. Papuga

Stopping a runaway truck


1960- Officer James D. Finch

Rescue of three persons from a burning building in Takoma Park, Maryland


1967- Officer Carl R. Holmberg

Rescue of a woman from the Tidal Basin, Washington, D.C.


1967- Officer Kenneth Cornwell

Rescue of a citizen from the Potomac River


1969-Officer Louis Robinson

Rescue of a Metropolitan Police Sergeant


1971-Officer Raymond L. Hawkins

Shot while attempting to stop an armed robbery in progress, Marlow Heights,

Prince George County Maryland.


1971-Officer Henderson Kea

Wounded while attempting to stop an armed robbery in progress,

Prince Georges County, Maryland


1973-Sergeant  Stephen G. Livesay

Rescue of a woman from Rock Creek, Washington, D.C.


1975-Officer Willie M. Blount

Attempted to stop armed robbery/hostage taken


1976-Officer Hugh C. Irwin and Officer Earl Cronin

Rescue of woman from the Potomac River


1978-Officer Steven S. Prickett

Rescue of adult and child from the surf at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California


1978-Officer Albert F. Jez

Rescue of a citizen from a residential fire on South Capital Street, Washington, DC


1978-Officer Jacqueline A. Anderson

Undercover Stakeout-Confronted by rapist with a knife, Washington, D.C.


1979-Officer Chester M. Hendrickson

Rescue of a woman from the Anacostia River, Washington, D.C.                                                           *                                                          

1980-Officer Phillip W. Cholak

Rescue of Officer Ray Meeks from burning police cruiser


1981-Officer John P. Farrell

Rescue of four persons from Rock Creek, Washington, D.C.


1982-Officer Donald W. Usher and Officer Melvin E. Windsor

Air Florida Flight 90 rescue 14th Street Bridge, Washington, D.C.



Major William W. McQueeney

Lieutenant Ronald F. Miller

Sergeant Herman Cooper

Detective Thomas P. Moyer

Officer Robert M. Chesley

Officer Donald P. Jelinek

Officer Frederick R. Howard

The Siege of the Washington Monument, Washington, D.C.


1984-Officer Richard J. Murphy

Rescue of citizen from a burning truck that exploded, RFK Stadium, Washington, D.C.


1986-Officer Richard Deriso

Rescue of a Citizen from Rock Creek, Washington, D.C.


1988-Sergeant John Damadio and Sergeant John Farrell

Rescue of citizens during a gas station fire


1989-Officer Charles W. Herrera

Attempted rescue of a citizen in Rock Creek, Washington, D.C.



Officer Rachel R. Luce

Officer Michael J. Falzone

Officer Raymond M. Rapp

Officer Norman S. Hinson

Officer Lisa Dunlap

The San Francisco California Earthquake


1990-Officer Katherine P. Heller

Lifesaving- Shooting in Lafayette Park, Washington, D.C.


1990-Sgt  David Duffey and Officer William Lovegrove

Rescue of citizens - Glen Echo Flood, Montgomery County, Maryland  



    Officer Daniel McFadden

Officer John Lauro

Officer David P. Somma

Officer Patrick Broderick

Officer Steven Divivier

Officer Michael L. Lanfranchi

The Golden Venture Ship Rescue, Fort Tilden, New York 


1994-Officer James A. Watson

Shootout with armed homicide suspect, Washington, D.C.


1995-Officer Steven J. Battista

Rescue of a citizen from a burning building, Brooklyn, N.Y.


1996-Lieutenant Michael Fellner

Rescue of two citizens from the surf at Jacob Riis Park, New York


1996- Sergeant Warren C. Boyer and Officer Patrick J. Fouty

Suicide prevention, rescue of a child, Marin Headlands, Marin County, California


1997- Detective Renee M. Abt

Rescue of two citizens from a burning vehicle, Washington, D.C.


1997-Officer Jeffrey D. Muller

Rescue of a woman from the Anacostia River, Washington, D.C.


2000-Officer Robert L. Freeman and Officer Kevin J. Nieves, Wounded

Shootout on the Suitland Pkwy, Prince Georges County, Maryland


2001-Major Thomas G. Pellinger

Ocean rescue of five children, Pompano Beach, Florida

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